Monday, September 16, 2013

4 Precious Women

Four precious women came to my office.  Although they were sorrowful, they filled my funeral home with joy.  This was the day they had known would come; they were prepared both mentally and spiritually.  Between the four of them, the loss was great.  They had not only lost their daddy, husband, and grandpa; they had lost their spiritual leader.  The man in my parlor, while living, had been a Reverend.  His congregation had been small in number, but large in kindness, generosity, and acceptance.  As we worked through the details of laying the Reverend to rest, this darling family of women, cooperated and supported each other with softness and love.  These four precious women were a true testament to his work.    

 Through the days that followed, the girls served their mother, and each other, with tenderness.  Their parishioners, one by one, came to the funeral home, and one by one, did so with kindness, respect, and compassion.  Indeed, the Reverend’s influence seems to have emulated the light of Christ to those he served.

During the week of this man’s death, these four precious women, demonstrated flawless virtue and goodness.  My heart grew with respect, admiration, and love for them.  My conviction in Christ’s mission was magnified, and my hope for humanity was shored up.

The Reverend’s final resting place was not where he had lived, and so necessity dictated that he travel a great distance for interment.  I was hesitant to see these four precious women embark upon the final leg of their journey, but knew they had an errand of love to fulfill.  Therefore, as I bid them farewell, my prayers and love went with them. 

These four precious women, who came to my office, suffering the greatest pain that we as humans endure, left it filled with joy.  I am grateful to them for sharing their time with me, for exemplifying the light of Christ, and for bearing their wounds with grace and dignity.  Although this week was caused by a solemn occasion, my soul was lifted, my joy was increased, and my cup was filled. 

Even in his death, the Good Reverend’s work lives on.
My name is Tracy Renee Lee.  I am a funeral director, author, and freelance writer.  I write books, weekly articles, and brief tips related to understanding and coping with grief.  It is my life's work to comfort the bereaved and help them live on. 
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