Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Feelings of emancipation at the death of an abusive or long-suffering loved one are normal and are not cause for alarm. Unfortunately, others often judge a survivor, who displays emancipation, as non-caring or non-loving. Nothing could be further from the truth.
A survivor who experiences emancipation at the death of a loved one is generally the survivor who loved the abusive person deeper than any other survivor. They are generally the sole person, who was willing to experience the abuse of this loved one when no one else would. When a person has suffered abuse over an extended period, at the hands of someone they love, it is natural for them to feel freedom once that cycle breaks.
The same holds true for a survivor who has been the caregiver for a loved one who has suffered a debilitating illness. Caring for a dying loved one over an extended period can interfere with the caregiver’s life. It often necessitates they put their needs and wants on hold while they share their loved one’s death. Quite often, as before, this caregiver is the only survivor who was willing to make this sacrifice within their family.
If you witness an emancipatory type behavior in the recently bereaved, realize that it is likely the result of liberty from horrific experiences.
This person may need great understanding and gentle reconstruction of their self-esteem, self-value and self worth.
Juvenile behaviors may be underlying and professional guidance and/or intervention might be helpful.
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