Monday, April 20, 2015

Handmade Quilt

Today I visited with a dear friend, her mother lies in state in the next room. As we visited, we talked about her wonderful mother and her childhood memories. Her mother was the most amazing woman she has ever known. Her love for her was evident and remains ever strong.
Yesterday, I went to her mother’s house to bring her to the funeral home. I have been there before. As I arrived, I saw my friend and her five sisters. My heart was broken for each of them, and I hugged each one as I entered their home. When I hugged my friend, I apologized for being there. She said the kindest and dearest thing to me. In the midst of losing her mother, she offered her broken hearted funeral director heartfelt words of comfort.
I buried her father and her brother in years past, and to see her mother go was heart-wrenching for me. My friend whispered in my ear not to be sorry for being there, that it was a blessing for her to have a friend there in her time of need. My friend will never know how tender her words were to my soul.
As my husband and I prepared my friend’s mother for transport, I noticed the most beautiful quilt on her bed. The beautiful quilt, I learned, was handmade out of love by her darling daughter. Tomorrow as we lay her mother to rest, her casket will be draped with her beautiful handmade quilt. The quilt that brought her such warmth and comfort in life will bring warmth and comfort to those in attendance.
I am grateful for a dear friend who knew just what to say when I felt awkward, and thankful for the warmth and comfort her blanket of words brought into my soul. I hope that I can return the favor on the bleakest day of her life, the day she will say goodbye, one last time, to her beloved mother.
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