Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Homemade Soap

Isn’t it funny, how a simple moment can bring forward in one’s mind, sweet memories of a departed loved one?
This morning as I prepared for my shower, I realized for the third day in a row, that my soap bar was now a mere sliver and completely incapable of fulfilling its purpose of providing me with ample lather to clean and refresh my body for the day's events. Fortunately, I had not yet stepped into my shower, so I walked over to my lavatory and being unable to bend due to back issues, I reached into the cabinet beneath it, blindly searching for a fresh bar of soap. As I grabbed hold of the soap, neatly wrapped in lightly colored paper, my mind reflected back to a friend of mine, who each Christmas would send me a year supply of his homemade soap.
Preston’s soap was never neatly wrapped in lightly colored paper, nor was it perfectly formed into smooth ergonomic shapes. His soap was made from the finest ingredients, engineered for sensitive skin and cut into simple squares. Preston shared his wonderful soap with those he loved and cared for most in the world.
My friend Preston was so dear to me. His love of Christ and his redeeming mission was so strong. From the first time I met Preston, he always sought to share his testimony with those who were searching for meaning in life.
As I rose and prepared for my shower this morning, Preston was not on my mind. Blindly reaching under the lavatory for a bar of soap, made me miss him so deeply. I was touched by the imagery of blindly searching for soap, to those who labor in search of their purpose.
Grief is all-consuming, it is no respecter of persons or time. You may have several weeks of great recovery and suddenly find yourself in the pitfalls of despair. This is a normal response.
Eventually, despair and loneliness will be replaced with kind and fond memories. Even so, you will be yanked back from time to time by the least little insignificant thing.
(Tracy Renee Lee, Mourning Glory II)

I smiled as I cried, remembering Preston’s kind spirit and his willingness to share it with everyone he knew. I thought to myself, how appropriate it was, that this Easter morning, an insignificant sliver of soap, yanked my memories back to Preston and his willingness to share his testimony of Christ and his redeeming mission.
This morning I miss my dear friend, I miss his wonderful soap that he so thoughtfully sent me every year, and I miss his amazing testimony of Christ. This Easter morning as I prepared for my shower, I realized my day would be filled with thanksgiving for Christ's redeeming sacrifice, along with fond memories of my dear friend's willingness to share his Savior's message.  
My day was bittersweet.
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