Tuesday, June 2, 2015

At Rest

As I sat with my client pre-arranging her mother’s funeral services, she became emotionally distressed.  She apologized for wanting to accomplish her mother’s funeral swiftly, upon her death.  She felt ashamed and wondered if others would see her as insensitive or ungrateful.  She thought others might think she was treating her mother without respect or that she had not appreciated her mother’s love and sacrifices.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.  The desire to quickly accomplish final disposition is neither an act of selfishness nor a lack of love and appreciation.  The desire to quickly accomplish final disposition may be an act of love.

This daughter desires to quickly accomplish final disposition because she has witnessed her mother suffer through a long and painful illness.  The ravages on her mother's life and body have been so physically painful and emotionally stressful, that her daughter cannot bear the suffering one more moment.  The only scenario to render relief to her mother is death.  The only scenario to render relief to her daughter is final disposition.  The relief the daughter will experience is known as closure.  Because the pain of witnessing her mother’s suffering is so severe, she cannot rest or feel relief until her mother’s burial is accomplished.

At that moment, the moment of final disposition, both mother and daughter will be at rest.  One will be laid to rest, and one will live at rest. 
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